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  1. Welcome Page
  2. Main Menu
  3. Automatic Mode
    1. Template selection
    2. Alignment selection
    3. Color Style selection
    4. Border style selection
    5. Advanced options
    6. First label, media type and number of labels
      1. Media type selection
    7. Custom Text
  4. Color Styles Editor
  5. Border Styles Editor
  6. Templates Editor
  7. InfoLabel Editor
  8. Printer Calibration
  9. Options
  10. License
  11. About
  12. Send Feedback


Advanced options

Currently Tape Label Studio offers four advanced options:

  • Stretch barcode to maximum
    If your barcode reader does not recognize all characters correctly you can activate this option so the barcode gets printed larger. This option may cause problems when printing close to the edge and the printer has large margins.
  • Use checksum character in barcode
    If your tape library requires a checksum character in the barcode use this option.
  • Antialiasing for Graphics, Texts and Borders
    This option will print text, graphics and borders smoothly, but not the barcode.
  • Antialiasing for Barcode
    This option will print the barcode smoothly. This may cause problems with barcode readers.