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  1. Welcome Page
  2. Main Menu
  3. Automatic Mode
    1. Template selection
    2. Alignment selection
    3. Color Style selection
    4. Border style selection
    5. Advanced options
    6. First label, media type and number of labels
      1. Media type selection
    7. Custom Text
  4. Color Styles Editor
  5. Border Styles Editor
  6. Templates Editor
  7. InfoLabel Editor
  8. Printer Calibration
  9. Options
  10. License
  11. About
  12. Send Feedback


Templates Editor Ribbon Bar


Select Template

Select Template

Switches to the select mode where you can select a template you want to edit.
Edit Template

Edit Template

Switches to the edit mode for the template being selected.

Selected Template



Saves your current progress on the selected template. You do not need to save a template to use it. Changes you make will be available in the current session.


Exports the selected template to a file of your choice. Put the file in the templates directory of Tape Label Studio at another computer to import it.


Clones the selected template. Cloning is necessary when working with built-in styles. You cannot edit any built-in templates.
Undo Changes

Undo Changes

Reverts all changes you made as long as the template has been saved at some point in time. Freshly cloned templates do not have the undo feature.

Meta Data

The name of the template helps you identify the template when using it. This does not have to be unique.

The author is just a hint for you on who created/changed the template. This is currently not used anywhere.

The version is just a hint for you on the number of changes of the template. This is currently not used anywhere.