Features Overview

These features are available in all editions of Tape Label Studio.


Tape Label Studio prints standard tape labels using Code-39 barcodes – with or without checksum.

Import anything

Import any text in Advanced Mode – Tape Label Studio will analyze it and any labels found will be added to your list.

Export to PDF

Export labels to PDF. If you can’t print them now, print them later – anywhere.

Info Label

Print the current job’s parameters (offsets, number of labels, etc.) on a “info label” and never lose a setting again.

Starting point

In case you did not use all your labels in your last job you can change the starting position (e.g. to third label in the second row) for you current job.

Print directly

Tape Label Studio prints your labels directly to any printer available in your Windows installation – with adjustable offsets.

Media Support

Many predefined media types are supported out of the box but feel free to use your own.

Label Alignment

Choose from different alignment types like barcode only, text at top, text at bottom, etc. with or without custom text support.



Do you prefer light or dark themed applications? Tape Label Studio lets you choose.

Automatic or Advanced?

Choose between automatic and advanced modes in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Advanced Mode

While Automatic Mode is fine for most usecases, Advanced Mode takes you to a new level in label customization. With Advanced Mode you’ll be able to configure any property on any label.

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Automatic Mode

Create tape barcode labels fast and easily by specifying just a few parameters like color and border style, media type, starting label and the number of labels to print. That’s it. Tape Label Studio takes care of the rest…

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Great Customization Features

These features are available in the Professional and Enterprise Editions only.

Color Styles Editor

Create color styles for your labels. Modify every single color used in a label – including background, barcode, border, text and character colors.

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Border Styles Editor

Customize border styles to fit the labels you are using. Choose from solid, dashed or dotted borders. Adjust width and redius easily.

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Templates Editor

Tape Label Studio offers fully customizable label templates that let you change every aspect like paper format, number of labels, offsets, dimensions, fonts and many more.

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InfoLabel Editor

InfoLabels contain information about the number of labels, used templates, configured offsets or just the date and time you printed them. No matter what information you want on your printout, InfoLabel editor got you.

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LabelDescriptions Editor

LabelDescriptions are part of the labels you use on your tapes. Wether it’s the file server’s backup or the management board’s personal data – LabelDescriptions help you find tapes faster than ever before.

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Printer Calibration

Printer calibration is a new feature introduced in Tape Label Studio 2019.07. It’s the easiest way to know if your labels can be printed correctly, or if some parts will be missed. After calibrating your printer, a red frame can be displayed in automatic and advanced modes as well as in the templates editor. Printing barcode labels and creating templates has never been this easy.

Trial Edition

Number of labels that can be printed or exported is limited to a maximum of 5. Except for that limitation you can try all features and functionality. Unusable labels will be rendered, printed or exported but they will not be usable. However, this is a good way to see if the software works with your printer and your labels.