Border Styles Editor

Need a solid border or just cutting marks?

Border Styles

Tape Label Studio brings various default border styles that you can use in any edition. Border styles help cutting your labels – choose from solid, dashed or dotted styles. You can even choose to use no border style at all; in case you have pre-cutted labels.
You can also choose to create or customize your own border styles using the Border Styles Editor. This great tool helps changing any aspect of the border styles used in your labels. Once created, you can always re-use your styles.

How much is it?

Border Styles Editor is included in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Tape Label Studio.

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Need more?

Customize label colors or even label templates.


In case you don’t trust Tape Label Studio, you can find some example pdf files exported from Tape Label Studio below. And in case you don’t trust those pdf files as well, feel free to download the freely available trial of Tape Label Studio.

Random Tape Labels Example

Please click the pdf icon to download an example document exported from Tape Label Studio.