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Print directly to labels available in stores and online

Like AVERY 3420, AVERY 6571, AVERY 6577, HERMA 4459 and many more.

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Great Customization Features

Tape Label Studio comes with multiple powerful editors for ColorStyles, BorderStyles, Templates, InfoLabels and LabelDescriptions.

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Simplify Backup Tape Labeling with Tape Label Studio

Introducing Tape Label Studio, the premier solution for creating backup tape labels. Say goodbye to the hassle of expensive pre-printed labels. Our innovative software allows you to effortlessly design labels that align with your organization’s guidelines.

Simply use affordable blank labels from your favorite stores or online retailers, and let Tape Label Studio take care of the rest. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, labeling your backup tapes has never been easier.

Take control of your labeling process today with Tape Label Studio.


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Tape Label Studio is available in 4 different editions with a different range of functions.

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Tape Label Studio’s Features

Easy to use

With its automatic mode Tape Label Studio offers an easy way to create your labels. Specify your label template, the color and border styles you like and how many labels you need. Automatic mode takes care of your settings and gets the job done.

Unlimited media types

Do you have LTO 5, LTO 6, LTO 7, LTO 8 or LTO 9 tapes? Maybe Worm Generations 1-5? Or Cleaning Cartridges? Tape Label Studio offers all media types you may need for your labels. And if it doesn’t, you can use your own.

Customize your labels

Tape Label Studio offers powerful color style and border style editors. With those tools by the hand you can customize background, text and border colors, set your desired border width and many more. Make your labels look the way you need them.

Easy to buy

Tape Label Studio can be ordered immediately using the payment of your choice like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and many more. Customers receive their license directly via e-mail. Order your license now and start printing your own, customized labels within minutes.

LTO Barcode Label Generator

LTO Barcode Label Generator is the successful predecessor of Tape Label Studio. Today we would like to provide our customers with a more advanced solution for creating labels for backup tapes: Tape Label Studio.

Updates included

Every purchase of Tape Label Studio licenses comes with a minimum of one year of free updates. After this one year period updates are available at a discounted price!


Tape Label Studio 2024.4 available for download

Tape Label Studio 2024.4 available for download We just published a new version of Tape Label Studio: 2024.4.Here are the highlights of this release: Updated light and dark theme handling Added theme option to follow OS setting Updated themes to support...

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Tape Label Studio 2023.12 available for download

Tape Label Studio 2023.12 available for download We just published a new version of Tape Label Studio: 2023.12. Here are the highlights of this release: Migrated to .NET 8 Added edit/remove color buttons to ColorStylesEditor's content and position lists Improved...

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