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First label, media type and number of labels

The resulting labels would read like this: COMP0AL6, COMP0BL6, COMP0CL6, …, COMP1WL6, COMP1XL6.

Depending on the number of variable characters you can print just a few labels or thousands of them.
If all characters are fixed, you can print only one label. If you have 6 characters and all of them are numbers and variable you could print up to 1000000 (= 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10) labels or if all characters are letters and variable you could print up to 308915776 (= 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 x 26) labels.

However, the number of labels you can create at once is limited to 500000. When working with that large number of labels you may experience high load on your workstation and progress can be very slow – depending on your computer. Tape Label Studio has been tested to work with up to 500000 labels, however, this can result in a memory consumption of up to 2GB.

The starting label is the first label on your page, e.g. TLS100MT. Depending on your naming scheme, you can make Tape Label Studio automatically increment from the chosen starting point.

Tape Label Studio uses fixed (gray, pause icon) and variable (green, play icon) characters. While variable characters increment (0 – 9 if number, A – Z if letter) from right to left, fixed characters and the mediatype do not. You can toggle between fixed and variable by clicking on the play or pause button. Your next label in this example would be TLS101MT. If the last character was fixed it would be TLS110MT.

Tape Label Studio will react with an updated preview, if you make changes to the configuration.

Please note: The number of text boxes (label characters) depends on the selected template. Templates may have different number of characters and may not use the media type.

Your Company wants you to print 50 labels for LTO 6 tapes. The labels should start with “COMP” followed by 2 incrementing characters starting with 0A and a mediatype of “L6”. Then your configuration should look like this: