Tape Label Studio 2019.09

  • Fixed a bug where the infolabel was not updated after changing page layout settings
  • The selected printer stays selected during an application session now
  • Added printer calibration. Printer calibration values can be used in Advanced Mode, Automatic Mode and in the Templates Editor
  • to display the physical margins of any calibrated printer
  • Fixed a bug where mediatype border color was used to draw the custom text rect
  • Fixed a bug in color styles editor where barcode and mediatype colors couldn’t be changed
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the main tools
  • Fixed a bug where the preview in templates editor was not refresh when changing the paper size
  • Fixed a bug where the name of a style was empty when there was no metadata for the current nor english language available
  • Fixed a bug where previously saved automatic mode documents could not been opened from welcome page
  • Added a ‘file not found’ hint to the last used documents section
  • Fixed a bug with wrongly formatted date in info label editor