Introducing Printer Calibration

Printer calibration is a brand new feature introduced in Tape Label Studio 2019.07. It’s the easiest way to know if your labels can be printed correctly, or if some parts will be missed.
Before printer calibration you had to play the trial and error game wasting paper, toner and your time. After changing your page layout or offsets in your template you had to print a page and check if your printer did its job. Sometimes this game took several rounds…

Now you’ve got printer calibration and wasting paper is not anymore. You start in the main menu where you can find the new feature. First you print the calibration page using the printer you want to use for your future labels. Make sure that you use all the settings you would use for your labels, like paper size and the tray.

Tape Label Studio then asks for some values read from the calibration page – shouldn’t be very hard.

After calibrating your printer, you can switch the feature on and off in automatic and advanced modes as well as in the templates editor. A red frame displays the offsets of your printer making printing barcode labels and creating templates easier than ever before.