Tape Label Studio 2023.3 is here and ready for download

We just published a new version of Tape Label Studio: 2023.3.

The latest update includes the following changes:

  • Completely redesigned color picker based on https://github.com/PixiEditor/ColorPicker/
  • Added eyedropper color picker again as known from Tape Label Studio 2
  • Fixed a bug in Border Styles Editor where changing a border corner was applied after restart only
  • Fixed preview refresh in Color Styles Editor after changing settings
  • Fixed preview refresh in Border Styles Editor after changing settings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented logs from being collected correctly
  • Added new file management for resource files, allowing merging multiple files into one
  • Improved startup performance by reducing number of resource files from 50+ to 6
  • Redesigned custom text handling, which is now LabelDescriptions supporting text and images
  • Fixed display of selected language in MetaData dialog
  • Improved column stretching in MetaData dialog
  • Fixed a bug in trial version where the trial overlay was not printed correctly after changing margins or start position
  • After editing a style/template/infolabel TLS always asked to save as a new file on exit; this has been fixed
  • InfoLabel now supports images

Get the release in the Tape Label Studio download section.