Tape Label Studio 2020.06 available

We just published a new version of Tape Label Studio: 2020.06.

We moved forward from beta state – three months ago. All tests ran well and we think .Net Core is the way to go. The new version of Tape Label Studio does not rely on an installed framework on your pc anymore but brings its own. This change (introduced with 2020.03 beta) is one of the biggest in the history of Tape Label Studio.

Second big thing we changed is licensing. So, we didn’t touch the editions and their pricing. But we changed the way you can update your software. Until today every customer could upgrade to the latest minor version available, but when we changed the versioning scheme this seemed to be a bit unfair. Now every purchase of Tape Label Studio comes with one year of free upgrades – except for Enterprise Editions, where upgrading is always free.

We also found some bugs in the beta, that have been fixed:

  • Fixed an error that prevented the export of labels as a pdf document
  • Updated all languages
  • The error dialog has been replaced by a ‘send feedback’ dialog in the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where not all fields were resetted while creating a new document in automatic mode
  • Fixed text color in settings dialog while using dark mode
  • Made most dialogs resizable
  • Fixed a color-based-on-content bug when using barcode-vertical-alignments
  • Fixed a bug where one character wasn’t displayed when using barcode-vertical-alignments

The release is available in the download section.