Tape Label Studio 2 coming up

There hasn’t been news about Tape Label Studio for quite a while now, also the last update has been published almost one year ago. BUT… the development continues. Version 2 of Tape Label Studio (called Tape Label Studio 2) is on its way and will be released in Q3/2016. And this is what you can expect:

  • New Automatic Mode with more options, containing new border styles and cutting marks but as easy to use as it was in Tape Label Studio 1.
  • New Advanced Mode, faster and easier to use as it was before.
  • Save you work. Create a label job and save it for later.
  • New Colorstyles, Borderstyles and Templates editor.
  • Free mediatype selection in Automatic Mode.
  • New Infolabel feature that resides in your label document and not in the program’s settings.
  • Add labels from any text file, any format in Advanced Mode.
  • And lots of smaller changes beyond that…

So now you’re asking why buy now and not wait for the new version? Because if you buy Tape Label Studio after April, 2nd 2016 you are free to upgrade to Tape Label Studio 2 as soon as it gets released. Yes, again, you’ll get a free update to Tape Label Studio 2 when buying Tape Label Studio after April, 2nd2016 here.