Tape Label Studio 2.0.0 beta 1 released

Almost 2 years after the last release of Tape Label Studio (Version 1.2.2 in April 2015) the first beta release of Tape Label Studio 2 is finally available!

This is a BETA release. Please do not use it in production environments.

Tape Label Studio 2’s data and code structures have been redesigned internally using .NET Framework 4.6, which is a requirement now, giving more flexibility, stability, enhanced speed and less code to maintain. The advanced mode has been rebuild from scratch. It does not rely on automatic mode any more but provides the same powerful features as before and many more. Tape Label Studio 2 now also offers tools to create continuous paper templates. To get you started Tape Label Studio comes with a Linear Tape Open LTO template for continuous paper rolls with a width of 76mm giving you the possibility to print endless LTO backup tape labels in a single job.

Release notes:

  • Added possibility to add labels from any text file containing labels in advanced mode
  • Improved overall speed of TLS using parallelization and multithreading
  • Advanced mode with many labels is a lot faster now when changing only a few labels
  • Removed the ultraslow list view from advanced mode and replaced it by a faster one
  • Renewed saving and loading of labels at shutdown and startup by a new/save/load style of file handling giving the possibility to save your work anywhere
  • Redesigned info label which is now a part of your current label document and not of the program settings anymore
  • Introduced a new file type .tls which saves your work on a label document and its settings
  • Added Delete button to Colorstyles, Borderstyles and Template Editors
  • Redesigned template files offering more flexibility and functionality, old template files will still work
  • Media type can be now be changed freely in automatic mode. Double click opens a list of available media types
  • Removed external zip library and switched to .NET zip archive
  • Added support for continuous paper
  • Started implementing support for TapeManager

This beta release is available in the Download Releases section. It won’t be offered through automatic updates!