Templates Editor

Individual label sizes, paper formats and design patterns.


All editions of Tape Label Studio come with a default set of templates:

  • Avery 3420 / Herma 4459
  • Avery 3478, 6119, 6125 / Herma 4631, 4819, 4824
  • Avery 6571, 6577
  • Avery 5353, 6465, 6470, 6575

Sometimes you may need more than that. The templates editor help designing new templates for special paper formats or label requirements. You can edit margins, gaps, sizes, number of labels and many more parameters. Once created, you can always re-use your templates.

How much is it?

Templates Editor is included in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Tape Label Studio.

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Need more?

Customize label borders or label colors.


In case you don’t trust Tape Label Studio, you can find some example pdf files exported from Tape Label Studio below. And in case you don’t trust those pdf files as well, feel free to download the freely available trial of Tape Label Studio.

Random Tape Labels Example

Please click the pdf icon to download an example document exported from Tape Label Studio.