Advanced Options
Stretch Barcode to Maximum Use Checksum Character in Barcode Antialiasing for Graphics, Texts and Borders Antialiasing for Barcode Ok Button Close Button

Stretch Barcode to Maximum

If your barcode reader does not recognize all characters correctly you can try this option so the barcode gets printed larger.

Use Checksum Character in Barcode

If your tape library requires a checksum character in the barcode check this box.

Antialiasing para gráficos, textos y bordes

Check if you want to print text and graphics smoothly. This option can safely be set as it does not reduce the clarity of the barcode.

Antialiasing para código de barras

Check this option if you want to print the barcode smoothly. While this may cause problems with barcode readers, we don't recomment setting this option.

Botón Aceptar

Haga clic en el botón Aceptar para aplicar los cambios realizados.

Botón Cerrar

Haga clic en el botón Cerrar para salir del cuadro de diálogo sin aplicar ningún cambio.