Printer Calibration Selection
Enable or Disable Printer Calibration Selected Printer Calibration Ok Button Close Button

Enable or Disable Printer Calibration

Switch this button to the on position in order to use printer calibration on your current document. The preview window will show red areas that your printer will not be able to print to. You should avoid using these arias.
If you didn't set up any printers yet, you can do so in the main menu.

Selected Printer Calibration

The selected printer calibration item will be used on your document. The calibration needs to be done for every printer beforehand in order to use the feature. Printing does not require a calibration.

Кнопка ОК

Нажмите кнопку «ОК», чтобы применить внесенные изменения.

Кнопка закрытия

Нажмите кнопку закрытия, чтобы выйти из диалогового окна без применения каких-либо изменений.