Please note: We are currently working hard to improve this documentation. Not all articles are finalized yet, some show outdated information. If you need help beyond what is ready yet, please feel free to contact our support. 

  1. Welcome Page
  2. Main Menu
  3. Automatic Mode
    1. Template selection
    2. Alignment selection
    3. Color Style selection
    4. Border style selection
    5. Advanced options
    6. First label, media type and number of labels
      1. Media type selection
    7. Custom Text
  4. Color Styles Editor
  5. Border Styles Editor
  6. Templates Editor
  7. InfoLabel Editor
  8. Printer Calibration
  9. Options
  10. License
  11. About
  12. Send Feedback


Getting Started

When started for the first time Tape Label Studio will look like the screenshot above demonstrates.

Depending on the version you bought you will see more or less buttons. This documentation does not focus on a specific version.

The main window divides into 4 sections. On the top you will find the ribbon menu containing controls to open and save configurations as well as labels, automatic and advanced views, zoom, etc. These controls will be covered in the Menu section.

The panel on the left hand side contains settings for your labels – either using automatic mode or advanced mode.

The section on the right hand side is the preview window. It instantly shows changes made to labels, styles or page layout (if Auto refresh is enabled).

The blue bar on the bottom shows the current zoom level, the active page and – if there is an action in progress – a progress indicator.